“We called Paramount when we were about to leave on a much needed vacation, and saw water coming out from under the water heater. Shane came right away and shut off the tank and drained it, and made an appointment to come replace the water heater when we got back. We made our flight in time, and didn’t have to worry about water damage.”

Clevon, Buford

“We brought our new baby home from the hospital, and that night the air conditioner quit. Shane came out the very next day and got it up and running again. He said it was just a fuse, and didn’t even overcharge!”

Alexis, Braselton

“Last thanksgiving, I was trying to get everything ready for the family dinner when my sink backed up. Paramount plumbing came right away to fix the problem. I call them now for everything at my house.”

Mavis, Sugar Hill


“We needed someone to lay the plumbing lines for are new house, and Paramount was just the company to call. They came out and took care of the job before the concrete slab was poured, and are house has great plumbing and great water pressure.”

Mike, Flowery Branch


“We FINALLY got to remodel our bathroom. When the wife said she wanted to move the terlit, I knew we needed a plumber. I called Paramount, and Shane did a great job replumbing everything. We got no leaks and everything drains good. Shane did a good job, and we’ll use him every time.”

Tony, Suwannee


“We noticed that we didn’t have the water pressure that we used to have. Then, we noticed that the grass was really green in one spot in the yard. We called Paramount, and sure enough, we had an underground leak. He fixed it in no time. Thanks, Shane!”

Charlie, Duluth

“We had fits with the shower not having any pressure and just dribbling water out but Shane come and fixed it he said he replaced the valves and now everything is great we have water pressure and everything. Thanks Shane!”

Rose, Lawrenceville

“My wife said she could smell gas in the yard. I couldn’t smell it. I can’t smell nothing. But I called Paramount, and they found a gas leak in the grill. They fixed it, and now my wife says I got no excuse for not grilling. Thanks, Paramount Plumbing.”

Mike, Lilburn

“The first time we turned our air conditioner on this year I said “Hey, that’s not cooling like it should” so I called Paramount. They came and say that the fins on the air conditioner were all clogged with hair so they cleaned it out and now the air is cool. We have long haired dogs and they shed and it had all blown up into the air conditioner outside and it couldn’t get any air. We’ll use Paramount every time.”

Chloe, Norcross

“I needed someone to come work on my basement bathroom. It didn’t drain too well, and when me and the boys had poker night, it could get really ugly. Paramount Plumbing came and fixed it. I didn’t think they could do it, but they did, and now everything drains just fine.”

Chester, Duluth