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There’s an awful lot that a responsible homeowner can do to keep their plumbing in proper working order before they ever need to call a plumber. With a little know-how and some care, you can save yourself loads of money and make your life that much easier. Here are some tips for everyday plumbing health from the experts at Paramount Plumbing:

Frozen Pipes: Avoid frozen pipes by insulating your pipes and protecting them from the elements by repairing holes in your home’s insulation. If a pipe does freeze, be sure to call a plumber quickly before it bursts and costs you loads of additional money.

Don’t Pay in Advance: Don’t pay a plumber in full before a project begins. If a plumber requests a reasonable down payment, that is fine, just don’t pay for the whole project before they’ve even begun. Responsible plumbers will get the job done, do excellent work, and only then request payment.

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Mind the Drain: Don’t put fat, grease and other oils into your drains. These materials will harden in your pipes and lead quickly to clogs. Dispose of oils in the garbage can, or responsibly in another way.

Orange Alert: If your pretty white fixtures are taking on an orange or pink discoloration it means that your water contains too much iron. This can be remedied using a water softener, or you can consult the experts at Paramount Plumbing to solve the problem.

Keep Pipes Clean: Believe it or not, baking soda and vinegar can be used to clear up and prevent clogging in bathroom drains. Simply pour the two materials in the drain and then plug the drain with a cloth. Wait a few minutes and then follow the mixture with boiling water.

In the case that these preventative measures aren’t enough and you have a serious plumbing problem, you know who to call – the pros at Paramount Plumbing and Heating Cooling LLC.

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